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MORET, MARKS & GARNER GORE (MMGG) are a screenwriting trio specializing in punchy, high-concept genre material (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action) with distinctive, complicated characters.

We write original material and adaptations for TV and film, creating stories that are fun, fast-paced and offer sharp social commentary. Biting, not bleak. 

Our team is as confident writing an awkward family dinner as we are a date crashed by alien ghosts ending in a shootout/car chase/awkward family dinner.

First connected through the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) then forged in the fires of lockdown across two continents, we come to screenwriting from vastly different creative fields:

BEC MORET escaped via a network of sewers after years spent among the grinning assassins of the opera world as a diva, director and producer.

LACHLAN MARKS has long haunted the dingy dive bars and poorly built festival stages of Planet Earth as a touring metal musician and journalist.

JASPER GARNER GORE, a once-beloved child actor, has written and produced for the stage – but is best-known for a Pizza Hut commercial in which he starred as a conjoined twin advertising Two-for-one Tuesdays.

Our first produced feature, a thriller for Reel One Entertainment, filmed in Toronto in late 2023 and will screen first on TF1 in France in 2024.


MMGG is currently in development on feature and television projects for production companies across the US, Australia, Canada and Europe.


All three members of our team have been inducted into the peer-reviewed Australian Writers’ Guild Pathways program, designed to showcase exceptional local screenwriting.

As MMGG, we are a portable, all-terrain writers’ room with a streamlined creative process, a slate of cool projects and the capacity to reimagine and extend story universes, pronto.



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